Rätt temperatur i kyl och frys

Right temperature in refrigerators and cold storage

A Catering organization wanted to monitor the temperature in refrigerators and cold storage facilities to ensure that storage and processing of food was done at the right temperature. The temperature in cooling and freezing equipment must be logged on a weekly basis. This was done manually and there was no need for an automatic system. But occasionally refrigerator doors were left open. Then the refrigerators were useless for storing fresh food…

A combination from Intab with Intab Wireless System sensors are now monitoring refrigerators, cooling chambers and freezer chambers. Measurements are taken every 60 seconds and sent to the Intab Wireless System base station. The base station forwards the measurements to SensorGraph running on a PC. The alarm functionality of SensorGraph is used to generate an alarm message whenever a temperature is above an alarm threshold set by the operator. Measurement interval and number of samples in each transmission can, in Sensorgraph, be independently programmed for each sensor.

The daily log files on the PC can be used as evidence for quality audits. The alarm functionality is used to ensure that the breakdown of a refrigerator or cooling chamber is detected in time.

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