It is easy to import data from many different formats directly into EasyView. The program also supports modbus. If you want to measure yourself, both Tinytag and PC-logger can be started directly in the software.


EasyView makes it easy to visualize its measurement. Customize colors and looks of the graph, post comments and write notes to increase understanding. With a few button presses you can create your own reports.


For the analysis, EasyView has many features. In addition to the possibility of visualizing the measurement with a diagram, there are, among other things, histograms, process monitors and formula management.

EasyView – for all kinds of data

EasyView has gone from being a pure graphing tool for our line of PC-loggers into a full-blown data analysis and computational tool for all kinds of data. Its connectivity and intuitive user interface are immensely appreciated by its users. 

EasyView 10 is the last version of the software and  it has a more user friendly interface than before. EasyView is a good complement to, for example, Excel. The software has a good import function which makes it easy to analyze data from different sources. Other plugin functions is histogram, notes, formela editor and process monitor.

EasyView offers the users fantastic possiblities to visulazing and analyze all kinds of data. The software is easy to use, but with great possiblities for advanced analysis.

Despite its many features, EasyView is easy to use and also affordable.

We have three different customized options if you want to get the best out of your measurements. Light is mainly created for users of our own Tinytag. If you want to combine different types of data with the possibility of deeper analysis, Pro is the option for you. With our Modbus plugin you can retrieve data via Modbus.

Download a free demo version


4 990:-


EasyView 10 Pro

Powerful version with everything you need for advanced analysis. 

 Functions beyond Light:



9 990 :-

EasyView 10 Modbus

For the advanced user. This version has additional features like Modbus.

Functions beyond Light and Pro:

  • Modbus plug in