Data loggers

Need to measure or log example temperature, humidity, pressure, carbon dioxide, voltage, current, power and energy, acceleration, shock, vibration, light or other parameters over time? To register these entities use a data logger. Measurement result analyzing you in a PC. Intab different instruments can record everything from one channel (= measurement) up to 1000 channels. You can do amazing analysis of the famous software EasyView.


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Here is an overview of our data loggers:



Flexible data logger that are tailored to each user. Up to 30 channels in three different designs.


Intab Wireless System

Completely wireless logger system. Intab Wireless System has an incredible reach and be reached from anywhere.



Small data logger for 1-2 channels / measurements. Tinytag is very popular worldwide.



Comet is a data logger for online measurements over the network. Measurements will be sent to a web server.



MSR is small as a USB flash drive. A power pack to the data logger with huge memory and 2-8 channels.


Intab Flexible System

Intab Flexible System is a versatile and powerful system handling analog, digital and other types of variables with high resolution and speed.



Battery powered data logger which sends data to Intab Cloud.