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EasyView has gone from being a pure analysis software for our data loggers to a full-fledged management and calculation tool for all types of measurement data. With a few clicks, you can make beautiful presentations of your data.

With its extensive connectivity and intuitive user interface, EasyView has been highly appreciated. The software has an import function that makes it easy to visualize and analyze data from most sources. This makes EasyView an excellent complement to, for example, Excel. EasyView is our own software developed for data analysis. Its connectivity and intuitive user interface are immensely appreciated by its users.


It's easy to import and combine data in EasyView. The software can read all sorts of text based data, including CSV. EasyView can also talk directly to Modbus or OPC hardware,


It's easy to visualize data in EasyView. Customize colors and graphs, add comments and write notes for increased understanding. Building graphs has never been easier. 


Use the formula editor to create virtual channels based on calculations or add columns with your own calculations. 

We have three different tailor-made options if you want to get the best out of your measurements. The standard version includes the ability to export, settings to change the appearance of the graph, an advanced report generator and the ability to merge multiple measurements. Pro is for users who want to get the most out of their analytics. In addition to the standard functions, this includes, among other things, possibilities for calculations via formulas and import from txt and Excel files.

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Product comparison table


To control Tinytags and export data.


Access to more tools for visualization and analysis


With access to advanced analysis tools

Subription (cost per month) €9 €16 €31
One time payment (limited access to upgrades in the future) €269 €449 €899
Modbus     €9/€279
OPC UA     €9/€279
Supported hardware
Gemini Tinytag x x x
Fieldlogger     x
PC-Logger     x
Export och Import
Export data to Excel or text file (txt/csv) x x x
Real time export x x x
Import directly from IntabCloud     x
Import data from file (txt/csv) or Excel     x
Print/Save as PDF x x x
Show & hide graphs in the diagram x x x
Zoom och navigate in the diagram x x x
Tinytag multi start x x x
Anchors & comments - notes in the diagram   x x
Customize the appearence in the info table   x x
Tabs - separate the data into several views   x x
Templates - save & apply your customized appearence/settings   x x
Build reports   x x
Merge files   x x
Save the diagram as a picture   x x
Transform values & units   x x
Customize the appearnce of the diagram   x x
Open active view in a new document   x x
Formulas - create virtual channels & build your own row headers     x
Histogram     x
Logger history     x
Process monitor     x
Projekt manager     x
Duration diagram     x
XY-diagram     x