User case

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"All property owners  should have a strategy for their energy savings work"

Jonas Tannerstad, Örebrobostäder, after reducing the energy consumption by 38 %

"EasyView is outstanding and it is easy to get started"

Jonas Jansson, PMC Group, started to use EasyView for ten years ago, and he is still saticfied.

"To believe is one thing, but knowing is something completely different"

Jim Althinsson, Nordisk Byggskadeutredning, who use Intab Wireless System and Tinytag.

"PC-loggers are very reliable. They usually just keep on going"

Thomas Forsberg, Luleå University of Technology, use the PC-logger in many interesting studies.

"It's a very good system, and Intab Cloud just gets better and better"

Torbjörn Svensson, Bring Frigo, who works with temperated logistics solutions.

"The advantage of Intab's system is that no operation or wiring is required"

Anders Mannqvist, Härnosands stift, who reduced the energy comsumption in the churches.

"It's a great advantage that you don't have to  physically go to the units during the project"

Reima Hassell, Adex, who works with operation issuse in real estates.