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How to connect thermocouples

Thermocouples can be connected in two ways.

Which one you choose will depend on your particular application. As a general rule it would appear to be more practical to connect the negative input to ground by setting the switch in the single-ended position. Never leave any transducers without some type of connection to ground.

The two methods can be combined but you have to make sure that your ground leads don’t carry any current or connect to the same point from two directions. Ground leads that carry current will, at best, ruin your measurements. At worst it will burn out your wiring.

Avoid these problems by using a one-point grounding scheme. 

1) T/C ”hot” junction in contact with conducting object.





Object -->

termoelement PC-logger

<-- Connect object to signal GND.



<-- Connect your T/C:s



<-- Place switch in position "DIFF"


2) T/C ”hot” junction isolated from measured object.




Object -->


<-- Do NOT connect object to signal GND



<-- Connect your T/C:s



<-- Place switch in position ”GND” making them
single ended