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All measuring instruments drift with time. This is regardless of the brand, technology or measurement method. A moisture meter is affected, for example, by chemicals, dust or other particles in the air. Since instruments are placed in differing environments, it is important to have continuous checks of each sensor, instrument and logger.



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Failing to calibrate instruments regularly can be costly. You measure and monitor to find, avoid and eliminate problems. Consequently, you have to ensure that the equipment you rely on for this, is within required specifications. Since the instrument will change slightly over time, it must be regularly checked.

New logger

A new logger from Intab is well within the specification stated on the website and in our manuals and brochures. Both the resolution and the overall uncertainty is specified.

Look out

It is not unusual that calibration certificates with some instruments from other sources are insufficient or just general specifications. It is therefore important to check the information you get in a calibration certificate. We at Intab perform and rely on traceable calibrations. We cooperate with accredited laboratories and are working with traceable reference instruments.

How often?

How often you should calibrate and how accurate calibration is required to be depends on your application and its requirements. For measurements in tightly controlled industries such as pharmaceuticals, it is often mandatory to calibrate once a year (voltage, current and temperature) or more often (moisture every six months). In other industries often experience will tell how often calibrations are needed. Most common is, maybe because it's easy to remember, once a year.

Many years of experience

Intab has many years of metrological experience and can offer advanced calibrations. We calibrate both new and old instruments. With every, by us calibrated, device we supply a certificate showing the measured results compared to the traceable reference instrument.

Calibration Reminder

Now there is no need for you to remember when the next calibration or service is to be made. Intab will send you an e-mail when it is time. You just need to send your instrument and we'll do the rest. Affordable and so much more practical for you.

To do this:

Send your logger to Intab for calibration. The easiest way is to fill in the service document and include it when you send in the loggers for calibration. Otherwise, supply the information asked for below and include it with the package you send to Intab.

  • Which loggers should be calibrated: type and serial number?
  • At what points do you wish to calibrate?
  • Is there anything else you want done?
  • How often would you like us to remind you to send in the instrument for calibration?
  • To which e-mail address should we send the reminder?

Calibration forms:


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