Relative humidity


Need log relative humidity over time? Then thermo-hygrographs or humidity loggers can be used. These loggers measure both humidity and temperature.

The result is analyzed in a computer.

Loggers to record other parameters such as carbon dioxide, pressure, electricity, light, shock, vibration, acceleration, and process signals are also available. Advanced analysis and calculations such as dew point can be made in the popular software EasyView Pro.


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Handy data logger and thermo-hygrometer. Measures relative humidity and temperature. Tinytags are also available with display, external sensor, sound alarms, and carbon dioxide, voltage, current, pulse, electricity, air pressure, shock and vibration.

Intab Wireless System

Fully wireless logger system. Intab Wireless System has an incredible range and be accessed from anywhere. The logger send data to our server Intab Cloud, where you can follow your measurment. You also can recieve alarms and reports.

Intab Flexible System

Intab Flexible System is a versatile and powerful system handling analog, digital and other types of variables with high resolution and speed. The system can send data to Intab Cloud.


This MSR logger for humidity and temperature is small as a USB memory. The thermo-hygrograph is a powerhouse with huge memory. Accommodates 2-8 channels and can be equipped with external miniature sensors for relative humidity. Can also measure acceleration, pressure, light, current and voltage.

Intab Nertwork Logger

Network-based sensors for remote monitoring of relative humidity, temperature and barometric and more. The logger send data to Intab Cloud. 


Flexible data logger tailored to each user. Up to 30 channels in three different designs. These workhorse loggers are adapted for process signals and thermocouples (2100 and 31000-usb).