Electricity & energy


Excessive use of electricity? Using Intab’s data loggers, you can easily detect losses in your particular mains. The data logger operates like an electricity meter that records how much your plant uses. Measure a few days where you suspect that consumption is too high. This is a simple and effective way to find unnecessary electrical consumers to then be able to reduce energy costs.


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Some popular data loggers and telemetry loggers (remote reading) are found below:


Tinytag Energy Logger

The Tinytag Energy Logger can be used to monitor single and three phase energy supplies. It combines the level of performance required by experts with the level of simplicity required by those that are new to energy management.

Intab Wireless System

These wireless sensors  transmit values via the base station to any computer. Log on to the internet and follow the results. Wide range of sensors, including small power meter for measuring consumption of appliances up to 10A. 

One phase Tinytag

This is a small self-contained battery operated logger for 1 phase AC currents up to 200A This logger has a connected current clamp on a 1.5m cable. The memory can hold 16 000 values and the shortest possible sampling interval is 1s.

One phase Tinytag with display

Small battery-powered logger for 1 phase that can measure up to 200A and show the readings in its display. With the logger, you get a current probe on a 1,5m cable connected to the logger. The memory can hold 30 000 readings. Shortest measurement interval is 1s.

Three phase mini-logger with display

Battery operated logger with display. Measures up to 200A AC on 3 phases. This package contains logger and 3 current clamps ready to be connected. The logger’s internal batteries are charged by the USB port. The memory can hold 2 000 000 values. The shortest possible sampling interval is 1s.

Three phase mini-logger

Very small battery powered logger for 3 phases up to 200A AC. With the logger, you get three current clamps ready for connection. Logger battery is charged via the USB port. Memory capacity is 2 million measurements. The maximum sampling rate is 50 per second.

Remote 3 phase logger/monitor

Smart logger that collects readings from three different phases with up to 200A. All measurement are sent wirelessly. From any computer, you log in to an Internet site to follow the readings. You can also for a moderate additional cost add more inputs such as temperature. Flexible and very easy to use.