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Design your own PC-logger 31500-BT

On this pages you can easily design your own PC-logger. You can select from a numerous amount of options. When you've finished all steps, send us an e-mail and we'll give you the price. 


PC-logger 31500-usb including eight analogue inputs and software range switching.



If you want to make offline recordings you need to have the display.
The built in memory can store 30 000 values. For example, measure with four channels with a sample rate of five minutes and the memory will last for 28 days. Use the "Multimeter" on the logger when connecting transducers. Every value stored uses two bytes. 

Select display

Expansion memory

If you want to record many channels for a long time, you may need an expansion memory. This memory is available in two sizes: 512k or 1Mbyte. Every value stored uses two bytes.
This option is only possible together with a display.

Digital card/pulse counters

Digital card

To be used as status inputs or pulse counters. Eight digital status inputs together with four relay outputs makes this card very flexible.
With the option "Pulse counter" you will have six counting channels. 

Galvanic isolation

The isolation can be fitted within the logger, or alongside the logger mounted in a Pelicase.

Select galvanic isolation

If yes, for how many channels do you want galvanic isolation?


Wall bracketWall bracket

When you want to mount the logger on a wall.
Size 247x110x36 (BxWxH mm) 

Select wall bracket

Jack panel

Jack panelQuick and safe. Change transducers easily. The jack panels are configured to your requirements.
External jack panel is available on request.

Choose which plugs you want. 



The PC-Logger case has space for the logger, sensors, power supply, etc.

Select a case for your logger

Field record station

Field record station

This logger casing is intended for outdoor or rough environment use. The logger is mounted inside this waterproof case. Connectors of your choice are mounted on the outside. Extra options like Battery, Modem, GSM or power supply to transducers are also possible to add in the case. 

Select field record station

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