Data loggers


• A/D Converter
16bit A/D converter giving 2 x 25000 divisions on all ranges. The resolution is 0.4mV when using the ±10V range31000-usb

• Analog inputs
True differential inputs.
Input impedance between and - are more then 400kOhm and min 5Mohm to ground reference

• Power supply
12 Volt DC makes the PC-Logger simple to connect to battery supply

• Detachable screw terminals
Use the detachable screw terminals to measure on many different places without unscrewing to replace sensors.

• Calibration
All channels are software adjusted. Adjusting constants are stored in the logger and used to calculate the measurements. No oldfashioned potentiometers to adjust logger response.

Techinical data


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Options and accessories


Channels 8, 16, 24

Choose between 8 ,16 or 24 channels depending on your requirements.
To get the most out of your logger we recommend that the option "Software range switching" be added.

Software range switching

Match the signal from your sensors and select the input range. Use your computer to select the range.
Available ranges are:
±10V, ±1000mV, ±100mV, ±50mV, 20mA and thermocouples

Galvanic isolation

The isolation can be fitted within the logger, or alongside the logger mounted in a Pelicase.


Display and 64kB memory

This is a must for the logger when you want to make off-line recordings.
The memory can hold more than 30 000 values. For example, measure with 4 channels each 5th minute and the memory will hold a 28 days long recording. Use the "Multimeter" on the logger when connecting transducers. Every value stored uses two bytes.

Expansion memory

If you want to do long recordings, you may need an expansion memory. The memory is available in two sizes: 512k or 1Mbyte. Every value stored uses two bytes.

Digital card, Pulse counters

For use as status inputs or pulse counters. 8 digital status inputs together with 4 relay outputs makes this card very flexible.

With the option "Pulse counter" you will have 6 counting channels.

Jack panel

Quick and safe. Change transducers simple. The jack panels are configured to your requirements.
External jack panel available upon request.

Constant current sources

For use with resistive sensors like Pt-100 or similar.
Output is 0.500mA
Available in three different versions 8, 16 or 24 time multiplexed outputs.

Time multiplexed outputs means that self heating of transducers is non-existant.

Modem port

Use this option together with a modem or a GSM module for reading offline data without leaving the office.
For best result, use it together with EasyCall to schedule offloads.

Wall bracket

When you want to mount the logger on a wall.
Size 247x110x36 (BxWxH mm)


Screw terminals

Conductor area 0.5 to 2.0 mm2
"Stripped" length: 6 mm
Temperature range -20°C...+100°C
Conducting surface: Tinned


Mains adapter

Voltage: 12V
Max current: 400mA
Connector type: TA3F


Computer cables

Black spiral computer cable with Dsub connectors, or white computer cable with USB for connecting computer to PC-Logger
Length: 0.5 (1.5m extended)


Field recording station

This logger casing is intended for outdoor or rough environment use. The logger is mounted inside this waterproof case. Connectors of your choice are mounted on the outside. Extra options like Battery, Modem, GSM or power supply to transducers are also possible to add in the case .
Plan your case with us!



External modem for use with the PC-Logger 31000-usb.
Perfect if you want to offload the memory from the Pc-Logger without leaving the office. With speeds up to 33.6KB make the connected time short.


GSM Module

Perfect if you don't have a telephone line or if the logger is mobile. Connect the GSM module to the logger's modem port and you will be able to read the memory even if the PC-Logger is on the move.
Powered by 12V, makes the module perfect for connection to a car battery