Data loggers


• A/D converter
16bits A/D converter with 25000 divisions. The resolution is 0,4mV when using range ±10V.

• Analog inputs
True differential inputs.
Input impedance 400kOhm between + and - , min 5Mohm to ground reference.

• Power supply
12volt DC makes PC-Logger simple to connect to battery supply.

• Detachable screw terminals
Use the detachable screw terminals to measure on many different places without unscrewing the sensors.

• "Calibration"
All channels are software adjusted. Adjusting constants are stored in the logger and used to calculate the measurements. No oldfashioned potentiometers to adjust logger response.


Technical data



224kB internal memory for offline measurements. The memory can hold
112 000 values.
F. ex. a recording with 4 channels measured each 5min. can record appr. 99 days.

Software range switching

Set input range from your computer. Most sensors on the market can be connected to the logger. Selectable ranges are ±10V, ±1000mV, ±100mV, ±50mV, ±20mA and thermocouple
The constant current source is used to measure the resistance of sensors like Pt-100, Pt-1000 etc.

Pulse counter, digital in/out

Three digital inputs for status/counter inputs. one digital output for alarm.


Internal NiMH accumulators for power backup. Fully charged accumulators will run your logger for about 4 hours without any other power.

Internal lithium battery will retain your data for about 10 years.

Wall bracket

Size: 247x110x3 6(BxHxD mm)
Weight: 860g

Screw terminals

Conductor area 0.5 to 2.5mm2
Stripped length: 7mm
Temperature range -20°C...+100°C
Connecting surface: Tinned

Main adapter

Voltage: 12V DC
Max current: 400mA
Connector type: TA3F

Computer cable

Length: 0.5m (1.5 m extended)