Data loggers

Powerful miniature Data logger

Intab's MSR is a small powerful data logger with USB connection.
It is started and stopped with a push-button. In order to save memory, this small logger can be set to only record values above or below a certain level.

It is perfect for logging handling of fragile and perishable shipments, wind turbines, movement patterns of humans and wildlife, industry production, valve monitoring, housing and ventilation, pharmaceutical packaging, paper industry and museum indoor climates. It has also found its use in measuring of rivers and streams, model airplanes and in the Dakar rally as well as in ambulance rescue operations.

This powerful logger features a rechargeable, built-in, battery which charges via an USB connection. The internal memory can store two million measurement values and some models have an optional SD card slot for even more storage capacity.
The logger can be fitted with combinations of many different sensors that are combined in internal and external mountings.


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