Data loggers

Intab Wireless System

Wireless loggers for remote applications

Imagine to be able to measure without wiring, installation and special arrangements in difficult locations. Many people today choose wireless data loggers over traditional data loggers.

Intab Wireless System is a competent and easy-to-use data logger system. The system reliability of these instruments is extremely good. The coverage is excellent even in inaccessible areas. The sensors also have internal batteries for operation. Can it get any better?

The wireless measurement system consists of sensors, the base station and, if necessary, a "Range Extender". Readings are sent over a secure wireless connection to the base station. Transmissions are with radio waves at 868 MHz.

Measurement data from the base station is usually handled through the web interface Intab Cloud (GPRS, Ethernet). The "Sensorgraph" software permits the use of Intab Wireless System locally without internet.


Long range and Distance

Sensors can, with clear line of sight, be up to one km from the base station. The indoor range can be affected by the material in the walls. A "Range Detector" will help you to determine optimal positioning of sensors and base station. For improved range, we recommend a range extender.


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