Tired of wondering if everything works? You can receive alerts via email, text message or sound if something goes wrong. Work with other things until the alarm alerts you.

Simpler, less stressful and very efficient.

Alarms can come from logging temperature, humidity, pressure, carbon dioxide, voltage, current, acceleration, light, or other parameters over time using data loggers. Values outside the acceptable result in alarms. Measurements leading up to and causing alarms can then be analyzed in a PC. 

There are many possibilities.


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SMS Alarm

Stand-alone SMS-alarm with smart alarm functions. Available for temperature or NO/NC. In addition it has a built-in battery for emergency power when the mains fail.

Intab Wireless System

Alerts by email, text messages or directly on the computer screen. These wireless alarms are programmed via the internet. Intab Wireless System is also a logger available for a variety of parameters.


The remote logger "ComfortLog" can transmit temperature and humidity readings via Internet. It is also possible to receive alerts via text messages or e-mail.


Tinytag audible alarm works with and is easily connected to Tinytag Plus 2 and Tinytag View 2 loggers. Alarms are given as sound and relay closures.


The PC-logger is tailored to your requirements and can be built with digital inputs and relay outputs. Alarms are output via the digital outputs.

Intab Flexible System

Logger with impressive flexibility. Analogue outputs, digital outputs. Limitless applications, including alarms via digital outputs.

Intab Network Logger

Network-based sensors with alarms via e-mail for remote monitoring of temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure.