Remote monitoring - Telemetry

Remote monitoring (telemetry) will save you time and travelling.

You set up data-loggers or internet based loggers at all measurement sites. Measurement results are presented graphically on any computer via LAN or Internet. Some remote monitoring loggers can send reports and alerts via text messages or e-mail. As you see, there are many benefits such as reduced travelling costs and current at-a-glance readings.

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Comfortlog Wisensys GPRS log
ComfortLog is a wireless logger transmitting data via GPRS. It automatically sends data to a server where data is made available to the user. Intab Wireless System is a popular telemetry logger system that produces reports and alarms via text messages or e-mail. One base unit can handle up to 100 sensors. There are many models and configurations available Intab's GPRS logger can have up to 16 analogue inputs. Inputs can measure process signals, voltages and currents, as well as temperatures.



These are LAN based sensors/transmitters fore remote real time monitoring of temperature, RH, and barometric air pressure. PC-logger 31000-usb can have up to 30 flexible inputs.
Data can be remotely uploaded via LAN into EasyView Pro. Automatic uploading is possible using the EasyCall optional software.